Opportunities of a Life Must be Seized in the Lifetime of the Opportunity

I reference this quote by Leonard Ravenhill when asked to share my entrepreneur adventure of launching Go Together, Inc.

There were moments early on this adventure that I wished hero’s journey started with “when I was 9, I dreamt about the business I would start and the money and impact I would make.”

That’s not my story. It sounded so glamorous when I would hear it from other founders. The comparison game started. Ugh. It would take me several years to own my own adventure or hero’s journey.

For starters, who acquires a software platform first before launching, launches a tech startup at 53 or knows they don’t have the connections (ecosystem I now know) or can self fund a MVP?

Who? I did. Here’s a recent conversation with Michael Sacca of @RocketShipFM where I share my adventure and weigh in about my real lived experience of what inclusion means. We also talked about our product journey.

Rocketship.fm interview with Michael Sacca

As a lifelong learner and an entrepreneur, I listen to many podcasts. I received Michael’s preview email about an upcoming podcast about a two part series about Diversity and Inclusion. First it’s great that more people are willing to go deeper than the cursory conversation about Diversity and Inclusion. The tragic and very visual death of George Floyd gave the world the real brutality black(and brown) people face with law and enforcement. This time it was and is different.

Systemic racism takes away the ability and opportunity for a race of people to thrive in this country. Diversity makes good strides in removing the layers of prejudice and increasing understanding of other cultures. Inclusion goes farther and does spends the social capital of a person or organization.

This is where Michael and I connected. When I shared this perspective and he saw how this could help others understand how it impact African American founders, he invited me on the podcast to share it and my hero’s journey and our product journey.

Hope you learn something you didn’t know before and live a way that makes thriving a collective experience.


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